Menu Choices For Pickup On Tuesday 6/11/2019

Elegant Edibles at Home
Menu Choices For Pick Up On
Tuesday, June 11, 2019
*Please Place Orders By 12:00 pm on Monday*

Beef Kebabs
Jumbo shrimp and veggies, threaded on a skewer, grill ready
Crunchy Onion Chicken
Boneless breast, slathered with bbq sauce and coated with crunchy fried onions
Grilled Ham Steaks
Thick cut ham slices, ready to go on the grill
Swiss Steak
Tender cubed steaks smothered in tomatoes, onions, and carrots
“Nanny Beef”**
My boys’ favorite comfort food…Nana’s pot roast with potatoes & carrots
Crock Pot Sticky Wings
Hearty and ready when you walk in the door

** crock pot entree

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