Menu Choices For Pickup On Tuesday 9/10/2013

Elegant Edibles at Home

Menu Choices For Pick On
(**Please Place Orders By 7:00am Tuesday**)

Grilled Sirloin Kebabs w/ Peach Salsa
Skewered beef and peaches marinated w/ a peach glaze, served w/ peach salsa
Tangy Chicken & Peppers
Chicken breast w/ oranges, pineapple, and pepper topping
Marinated Steak and Pepper Fajitas
Stir-fried Steak w/ Peppers and Onions w/ Fajita Wrappers
Oven BBQ Chicken
Bone-in chicken pieces baked in a bbq glaze
Beef Burgundy Stew**
Beef, potatoes, carrots, and onions in a slow cooked red wine gravy
Meaty Bolognaise Sauce**
Beef, onions and diced tomatoes create a very hearty sauce to top pasta

– (#) For Points Followers **– crock pot entree

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